The Health Challenge

The negative development in public health is a massive challenge for society, businesses and individuals. Every 6th employee feels burned-out. A shocking number. Even more employees don’t thrive at work. They lose the ability to stay focused. It affects sick leave, but also lowers the overall efficiency of the business.

Counting employee sick-days is no longer a reliable measurement of the actual health condition of the business. And relying on a health insurance to maintain a healthy and efficient staff is at best reactive. - Click to read the Deloitte report

It's a downward spiral for employees, businesses and shareholders.


Overweight, inactive lifestyles and stress among employees have a major impact on the bottom-line. Lack of data is the biggest, single barrier for understanding the true potential of addressing the health challenge and to justify proactive health efforts and investments. Provided with relevant and timely data on the health condition of employees business can take co-ownership of the health challenge and drive substantial efficiency gains.


Absence due to sickness is very visible and tangible for companies and directly affects bottom-line. Surprisingly, the invisible costs of mental absence are up to three times higher than the cost of psychical absence.

A huge potential can be unlocked by addressing the health challenge. This amounts to a cost per employee up to €1,750 per year*. Not only for the employees who are ill, but for ALL employees.

*Source: Report "Thriving at Work” by Deloitte, 2017


LifeGuard is designed to address the health challenge in companies, drive high employee engagement and deliver significant health improvements. The preventive healthcare solution provides easy and affordable access to personal coaching through an innovative, digital platform. The algorithm behind LifeGuard is built on a holistic health approach (Fit, Diet & Mind). It enables the system and our educated coaches to treat all employees as individuals and tailor personal plans for their psysical and mental well-being.

Data-driven, user-friendly and engaging.

Your company gets

LifeGuard provides the data needed for addressing the health challenge in your company. You receive a report for the current health status and a health cockpit for the ongoing monitoring. A solid foundation for minimising costs related to sick-days and employee inefficiency.

A health report

The health report gives an overview of employees' health condition incl. benchmarks, supporting easy action on the health areas for improvement in the company.

The report bridges health related risks and economic impact related to sick-days and employee inefficiency and includes an action plan with recommendations on performance metrics. In total, a solid foundation for prioritisation of investments in health & well-being of employees.

A health cockpit

LifeGuard includes a health cockpit with continuous temperature measurement of the working climate. Management receives insights on the employees’ health status and development based on anonymous realtime data.

The result is a single currency for a healthy and balanced life as focal point for dialogue and action based on data. A red flag early warning system of “high-risk”-employees makes timely intervention easy - at all organisational levels.

Implementation Support

The LifeGuard implementation team supports a successful implementation in your organisation. Our skilled project leaders ensure timely planning and execution leading to high employee motivation and engagement.

Our consultancy services include among others; Preventive health strategy, Implementation & kick-off planning, Health activity planning & execution, inspirational lectures on fit, diet and mindfulness.

Your employees get

A strong foundation for working with individual health challenges and related lifestyle changes.

Digital health test

Leads to a personal health profile that indicates their overall health condition, qualifies their health potential and help them priorities their effort toward a healthier lifestyle.

Personal coach

Could be our Sanne Brink, one of our most experienced coaches. Educated human physiologist and with 11 yrs of coaching experience incl. teasing personal trainers and other coaches.

Activity tracker

The employees receive a wristband tracking their daily activity levels. Tracking measures their sleep pattern (hours & quality) and a lot of other motivational features. Very long battery time.

Activity plan

Tailored to each employee’s specific situation, need and wishes. Training sessions are suppor-ted by text and videos. Simple updates and feedback on scores keep employees on top.

Diet plan

Our nutritionists provide inspiring recipes, tailor-made to a busy life. The recipes boost the energy level, increase their chances of staying fit and healthy - leading to a weight-loses if this is the goal.

Mindboost guidance

LifeGuard’s stress experts guides your employees toward a “better you” via videos, exercises and articles e.g. “learn your stress symptoms", “importance of a mental break", "guide to a better sleep”.

Customer results with LifeGuard

Preventive healthcare programs improve morale, increase productivity, and help cut down on sick-days and absenteeism. Depending on your program, you could expect an average ROI of 4€ to 6€ for every €1 spent on preventive health programs, according to results from a broad range of studies on the subject. Customers on the LifeGuard platform have achieved significant improvements in the health condition of their employees.

Why work with LifeGuard?


Prioritise the right efforts at corporate, departemental and individual level.

Cost reduction

A proactive approach reduces cost related to sick days and employee inefficiency.


Strengthens the company’s position in terms of employee branding, retention and future recruitment.

Get inspired

Read more about the implications of the Health Challenge in our eBook and get inspiration on how to start the journey in your company.

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